What is Sports Physical Therapy?

It’s the unfortunate truth: athletes suffer injuries. Chances are if you play sports at a young age and work your way to a more competitive level you will have to battle through some type of injury. Some of these injuries may be minor, like an ankle sprain or a finger blister. Others are more severe like an ACL tear or a nagging injury like Achilles tendinopathy that can impact performance for years on end.

Sports physical therapy is a form of sports medicine designed specifically to help athletes recover from injuries as smoothly and efficiently as possible. As opposed to traditional physical therapy, we meet the life demands of our patients. Whether it’s sprinting, running, jumping, or cutting, our staff will prepare you to perform at a high level. We blend the principles of strength and conditioning with the fundamentals of rehab so we can take you through the entire rehab process and leave you stronger than before.

At Herlong Sports Physical Therapy, our doctors of physical therapy have experience helping athletes of all ages and sports backgrounds recover from a wide array of injuries. We use the latest medical research – much of which has been actively studied and uncovered by our staff – and recent innovations in technology to drive our customized rehabilitation plans which deliver the best possible outcomes for our patients.

Our Methods

Whatever your injury may be, our sports physical therapists will have a plan to get you back to playing and moving better than before! Learn more about how we improve your symptoms, decrease your risk of injury, and get you back to your sport stronger than before. Our physical therapy specialties and methods include:


Prehab is the participation in physical rehabilitation prior to a planned surgery. If you’ve recently been injured and are planning to undergo surgery to correct it, know that prehab can greatly improve outcomes. Establishing a solid foundation prior to the operation can significantly impact your overall performance/timeline of recovery.

Physical Rehabilitation

Once surgery is completed, the hard work begins with physical rehabilitation. We will put together a comprehensive, personalized recovery plan for you with step-by-step benchmarks to help you heal completely. Herlong Sports Physical Therapy is dedicated to guiding you through your post operative rehab, with experience seeing an array of post operative patients.

Sports Performance Training

As current and former athletes ourselves, we understand the importance of getting back to the field as strong of an athlete as you were when you left. However, too often we see those who are returning back to sport be underloaded and not challenged enough during their rehab course. Through sports performance training, we provide individualized programming and education/guidance on your transition back to full play.

Manual Therapy

We use manual therapy to decrease pain, increase joint mobility, and improve movement.  Manual therapy allows us to assess soft tissue and joint restrictions that may play a role in your symptoms. From there we can work on improving your movement to keep you healthy!

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a great tool to decrease muscle tension and pain to allow you to move more freely. We use dry needling as a conduit for pain-free movement so that we can improve your strength and speed up your recovery time.



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